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The commentaries are anything written after the fact of the session, after re-reading and/or transcription. Some commentary has been inserted into the original notebooks as afterthoughts, after the time of the session. They are there to give the context of a particular session, clarify things said in the session, and give some attention to other aspects of the experience which were not recorded at the time. In some cases these memories are vivid; in others, little remains, or little of note occurred other than what was in the recorded session notes.

This was the first session in the psychedelic quest to understand Glide. I had been living with the glyphs for year, since the original download in July of 97. They had been drawn in Corel, and animated in Flash.

Substance: MDMA. Dose: ? MDMA is not generally classified as a psychedelic, rather as an empathogen. This empathic love-bliss-trust aspect was immediately manifest in this first session, as was the teaching voice, addressing me in the second person, instructing. The voice identifies itself as “I” and “we” somewhat interchangeably.

Setting: My house at Lake Derriana, Ireland. I was alone for a week in the isolated setting; husband had gone back to the US for a visit.. The aloneness was part of the decision to embark on this exploration wholly on my own. It was the beginning of my secret life.



Set: Very nervous, very excited. Spent a long time preparing, surrounding myself on the bed with my laptop, playing the 27 Glide glyphs transforming; water; notebooks, pens, drawing pencils; music ready to play; pictures and books to go to if I felt the need for guidance, comfort, rescue. The last time I had taken MDMA it was in a psychedelic dose in 1985—alone, but with a friend within calling distance. It had been an overwhelming, extremely positive experience in which the teaching voice had appeared and dictated through the whole experience. [Recorded in a separate notebook]

Content: I was in the middle of writing the first draft of The Maze Game. Many of the references are to issues and characters from the book.
1. Loosh is a Glide Death Dancer.
2. Óh-t’bee is the AI character.
3. The Specs are the Lifer spectators of the Mze Game.
4. Wenger is a Lifer Glide musician.
5. T’Ling, Angle, Myrrh-Myrrh, and Daede are Death Dancers.

The session began with watching the Glide glyphs transforming. The body load—or rush in this case—was a cellular level bliss, suffused with reassurance and love, and synonymous with the teaching voice. My hands were being moved—the right hand opened, cupped, in a mudra of receiving (also the Glide glyph for such).
The hand became the lily, as in an open lotus. The substance, MDMA, was referred to as the lily as well, a usage followed in subsequent sessions. The lily is the glyph for knowledge, or gnosis, especially psychedelic knowledge. All nervousness disappeared, and I was off for a journey of 4-5 hours.

Glide is identified as from the stars, i.e. an alien language. It is then identified as the maze of meaning; the story of your life; the language that unifies the minds; and as speaking from the heart, and for the healing of the heart.

Much of the content concerns the Glide theory of minds from the novel. This resembles the Jungian four functions, though not a complete parallel.
1. Island mind—the thinking or intellectual functions; the conscious, waking mind.
2. Sea mind—the feelings, emotions. Partly in awareness, much below the surface.
3. Gut or Body mind—the body’s intelligence—much on autopilot. Instinctual and sometimes intuitive.
4. Lily mind—the transcendental, mystical mind. Favored by Glides.

The odyssey of my personal life is laid out in this first session: give glide to the world.

Further: unless you connect with the world this message will be lost for now—if the story is the healing of the heart—which it is turning out to be—then it will make its way into the world, carrying the seeds of visual language which can sink into the hearts of others.

The mission is set.

DNA is mentioned in this first session: Glide transforms are organic—that is your doubled road—the double stem [it is also the helices of DNA]

The personal task and the task in the world are interconnected: your healing is the story of Glide / Glide is the path of your healing.

Just how true this became is the story of the next 9 years. This was to be not only an intellectual pursuit, but one that reaches into the wounded heart. One of the main things the hearts needs healing from is the fear of death.

The comment by the Glides at the end of the session: You said you want to speak to us and now you don’t want to believe us! Pretty funny. Refers to the time when I was about 10 years old, looking up at the stars at night in the Adirondacks, and trying to telepathically contact alien life “out there.” My exact message was “If you speak to me, I promise I’ll believe it is you.” So when actual contact is made in the psychedelic sphere, I was reeling, thinking, second-guessing, interpreting, with the island mind, while the gut mind verified, the sea mind bathed in the full body-mind sense of contact, and the Lily mind just smiled.


Actual contact
Glide as maze
Language as maze
New language for the healing of the heart
The Glide theory of multiple minds and their connections
Explanation of the MTA (mass transit algorithm) as a space-bending operation
The teaching voice—the Other

Other commentaries:
5/12/06 8:41 PM
re-reading and remembering the first session:
“give glide to the world”

emotional tone love heart open
body sensations and awareness body caressed by fine filaments of love coursing like strands of light through all nadis
the Other: immediately present—from the first line


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