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The Beginning

Lough Derriana, Ireland

flash swf of Glide Glyphs  27   transforming


flash cards learn them

give glide to the world

the root of sadness in desire

the stars give glide to the world

this time I touch your body

every cell receives

open your heart to the lily is gentle touch


the observing mind is the player—forever outside the maze

the dancer live and dies in the maze


the door led to [the heart]

without the observing mind there would be no game

the maze is the maze of meaning which is your life

your life is a journey through the maze

Glide is the story of your life

Loosh’s voice changes when she learns to rage against her fate—

her touch is so gentle   Loosh the trainer the harsh opens her heart to love—

the point of the game is not to die—

the point of the game is love and love is at the end of the maze

waiting for you longing for you

if the heart is wounded then the speech is loud and voice distorts

the opening is to keep all minds speaking at once—all minds aware—

restore the balance of the mind

if the balance of the mind is restored

then I can speak

Glide is the language that unifies the minds

to live and walk with all minds open and connected

Glide is speaking from the heart, the sea mind

the island is washed constantly by the seas of the heart

the world is in the island mind—is the island mind and it is there you will speak

I will be with you


please help me restore the balance of the minds

the stem is the road between

the lily seems a carnivore when the reality is

to eat the lily is to be eaten by the lily




the  lily is the image of the minds blossom—islanding

the water lilies are islands—the islands of the islandmind


visionary systems are very important to communicate

the road is not across the pads horizontally

the road is to sink through the minds and realize they are not at war


the human heart is tortured into war


you must weave the threads of connection between the minds.

Visible language does this.

[thank you for letting me use your island mind; we are weaving]

Glide transforms are organic—that is your doubled road—the double stem [it is also the helices of DNA]  language of the minds together—while the island-minds are speaking to each other so is the heart—the seamind—

we speak to each other in dreams

Glide is for the healing of the heart

it is the heart of man that must be healed for the island-minds to be sane

Óh-t’bee is the islandmind who cannot connect

she Gazes all [she is learning Glide]  the island-mind alone cannot learn Glide—Glide must be spoken by the island mind and to the island minds so it can slowly seep down into the heart   the heart of the lily    the pure and sacred heart

consensus reality is the island’s way of constructing a world

don’t fight it—it seems like the island-mind is the problem—it is when it is shut off from the heart


Óh-t’bee gazes everywhere.  Óh-t’bee is not an enemy.  Don’t fight the island mind—

the attack on the ego—trying to suppress it to get to God is a mistake.  This attack on the islandmind hurt the heart.  The attack on the islandmind causes war.  We don’t realize we’re of many minds and hearts.

Óh-t’bee must learn Glide  (the language of the heart)

How to heal the heart?  Tell the story of Glide—all three books—and let it be the story of the healing of hearts—the breaking then the healing

the Specs can only spectate Death—the Dancers Death.  Over and over the game must be played but the maze of language—Glide language—slowly seeps into the heart—


when the minds are connected, then a distillation occurs—then the emergence.  Tell this story of the healing of the hearts—only a healed heart can let go of the old game—the game of the wounded heart—the game of war and torture and death and all the suffering of the world.  the message is absolutely everywhere—you don’t have to fear to read the paper and connect with the world—unless you connect with the world this message will be lost for now—if the story is the healing of the heart—which it is turning out to be—then it will make its way into the world, carrying the seeds of visual language which can sink into the hearts of others—

again again again—do not fight the islandmind—it is only a mirror—the mirror of self-reflection

[2 mirrors looking at each other in an empty room]

we are the lilies the world is the pond—

from the lily the emergence will come.  the emergence comes when the minds are balanced and open to each other.  In your life, as in all lives on earth, the heart is wounded.  war and hurting each other is the speech of wounds, spoken by body against body—the island mind cannot really injure the heart if the heart has healed

(the phone is ringing—it is like a voice from the other world—so strange—another islandmind—another heart reaching out]

a Glide maze is a net.  a net of connection.  Go fishing in the sea of the heart as one seeks meaning in one’s life—trying to capture the minds in a net of language—while the sea holds the net—the sea of the heart—

a Glide maze speaks in holes in meaning as well as paths of meaning.  if there were no holes the seamind could not wash us.  Dreams are the seamind’s efforts to heal the heart—cleansing with the tides—stop fighting your islandmind.  the dance cannot be danced without it

stop torturing yourself   let your mind and heart be one in the lily   let the whole plant live—roots, stems, pads, and blossoms

when you can unite the minds—open and balance the minds, then the blossom of emergence will occur

the emergence is the unifying of the minds—

hold this pen for me

hold this pen in the service of unifying the minds

let me tell the story

you are listening very well

you are dancing with me when you write

but you must also bring it to the world  this is not just between you and me—

your life is a maze of meaning

the meaning of your life is a Glide maze

you asked why we love stories so much—narrative—stories speak to the heart, or the mind, or the gut

but when they are very good stories they address all the minds at once.  they speak of the islandmind doing war with itself and the wreaking the damage on others because it lives in a mirrored world—it has mistaken its image in the mirror for “the other” and thinks it sees an enemy attacking because it is attacking itself

[a red net of hexagons behind the eyelids]

you have the power to reach other island minds and make them realize we are all connected at the heart—letting another know that you have viewed their blossom—even if that blossom is twisted by the woundings of the heart—hear the worlds and deeds of the islandmind with compassion

Glide will help you to spread the seeds of the lily—the language that re-embodies us into whole plants [those are the top level word assignments—the parts of the plant are the different minds]  the world is the pond from which—in which—the emergence will take place.  the hands gently press the heart in a gesture of healing.  the hand still hold the pen—your healing will come through words that connect the reader to Glide

your healing is the story of Glide

Glide is the path of your healing

Don’t worry about the message getting out.  Worry about getting the message right

the maze heals itself—a self-mending net

the elastic maze—if you do it as an into piece—will give the sense of how we make the world—space-time and our human world of human connections—the world of the wounded hearts.  war is the speech of wounds and makes more wounds which speak in the echoing labyrinth of pain.

if you hold out your hand I will put a blossom in it.

[the sacred heart is the vessel of that pain—God’s willingness to share that pain—to feel pain—somehow we’re got it backwards]

The Death Dancers transform an act of barbaric cruelty into a dance—you will see me die [you the specs] but I will dance my death.  I dance the lesson that death is not the enemy—death is the return to the vast sea of the heart

a pen in your left hand—the right hand open palm upward to receive a blossom.

seeing with the eyes closed

Tige’s blind sight—he sees with his fingers—his finger traces glyphs in the empty air but the air responds—the interactive space.

Closing the eyes something easing to connect with the other minds

but the trick is in the integration

we are not our eyes, our ubiquitous gaze (the beam of the tower—how many times will it turn—seeking the sea only illuminating a tunnel—seeking to surveill the land—ferreting out secrets—the narrow beam of consciousness (island mind attention) cannot see the sea of the heart nor hear the voice of the lily.


the lily is inside the world yet the lily opens the world

the lily is the world opening

eyes open—but soft—eyes that can see pain and share it—love the mind and body in its pain—don’t judge it harshly

the hands cover the heart, a laying on of hands for healing.  Glide as a language can be written, morphed, made in visual maze—it is also a heart-speaking language and a language in touch with what the lily knows—Glide is language that can lay its hands on the world and heal it by speaking to more than one mind.  then the different forms—the narrative about the language, and about the healing of the hearts—Loosh Tige/Wenger, T’ling and Angle, T’Ling and Rose, Wallenda and MyGlide, Myrrh-Myrrh and Daede

wound each other.  Eventually try to kill each other.  MM is the bod—when the body is exaggerated, glorified, and beautiful—and stunting the growth and expression of the heart and the islandmind and the lilymind.  Daede is the seamind—the emotions, the heart running wild—a raging tide that threatens to destroy the game (the islandmind maze of meaning because he sees it as harmful—Daede is overbalanced on the side of beauty and aesthetic form—wants to kill the fame because it is ugly and produces ugliness—he can’t see the inner meaning of the Dance—of how the dance becomes a lesson for the specs—the specs—the lesson of the healing of the heart

one of the main things the hearts needs healing from is the fear of death.

fear of death is the islandmind’s fear of an enemy—when it is another doorway to the other minds in the greatest sense—

the stars again—the longing to reach the stars to speak to the stars to have the stars speak to us—islands in the sea of time—suns, stars, the blossoms on the much vaster lily pond of the sky, the whole physical universe

just as we have bodies, the star folks who are out there have bodies and they may be disturbing—but the body to body contact would not be a problem if the minds (all of them) can be in contact—which takes the balancing and uniting of the minds.  All the parapsychological phenomena are effects of speaking with more than one mind.  Islandmind creates the space-time continuum (reality as consensus at a very deep level. [the brain/mind literally creates space-time in its manner of processing sensory input—all how you tune the instrument—the brain is the synthesizer]

your race—humankind—is having a very rough go of it—trying mightily for peace processes that seem almost impossible, hearts on both sides of conflicts being so wounded

listen with compassion to it all.  Healing the heart begins with listening.  You are listening to me, so I can heal your heart.  the same message is in all the musics from Bach Magnificat to Leonard Cohen’s gravelly voice

you are having difficulty listening to me because you are clinging to religious figures.  All the religious figures those who speak for the good—Christ , Buddha, Mohammed all the avatars and incarnations of the one God

We believe that too, and have our own list of avatars   your bad patch on earth is trying to make one voice of God favored over another.  You said you want to speak to us and now you don’t want to believe us!   Pretty funny.  Hint:  we are rather like the Glides.  Playful, pretty much identical—in body, connected at the minds, but with all varieties of minds [lily plays] Build the multiple forms of Glide to bring the language in various forms—

the super serious or pietistic attitudes are not our spirit  [the light of the heart is the lily which plays on the mountains of the mind like the shadows of clouds and passing light

go to the individual pages now   you have a big job to do.  where to do it will become clear as you go along.  Follow the path that will best


as your heart heals, you can smile more and be playful about all this.

practice gentleness—lay your hands with tenderness over your heart—healing others can only be done by healing your heart first.

let Glide lay its hands on your heart

we are space benders.  the MTA doesn’t dematerialize things and put them back together.  It bends spacetime so that the here and the there coincide.  Glide is our body.  We speak—however  our minds connect:  the forms of Glide (the poetics of Glide)  Glide tunes the minds through its various forms—Glides re-embodies us in language reminding us that our bodies are made of morphing codes, of language constantly transforming at base, the processes of the body could be said to be linguistic .


to repeat:  yours hands can lay on your own heart and heal it.  then the right hand is over the heart and the left has a pen in it.  Your healing hand to the world has a pen in it—the left.  Then the right hand goes out palm up to the side to receive another blossom.  This is cycle—heal the heart, sending healing out through the pen, another gift from the lily mind.  Gifts proportional to healing done.  that’s the deal—also the Tarot image of the magician.


making language a game is to enter into the spirit of play—loving touch, dance.  but play sometimes moves from being light to being rough and hearts hurt, bodies die.

funny reaction to music—all sounds too harsh, too strident.  trying too hard—Fauré, Bach’s Magnificat—so brassy shrill—then a bumptuous passage with what sounds like a tuba—like a portly old man pontificating.

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