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Allyson Grey: Secret Writing

I started painting spectral squares in the late 70’s after an acid trip I shared with Alex, which pointed us both in the direction of portraying the multi-colored strands of light energy that formed a vista of interconnected fountains and drains, flowing in a pattern that spread to infinity in all directions. This experience lifted the veil over the loom-matrix of our highest identity, of being a node in the net of space and time. This was clearly the most profound revelation of our existence, and was to become the
subject of our art for a lifetime. –Allyson Grey



Alex Grey, Portrait of AllysonGrey

In 1975 I began writing automatically in an invented or transmitted language. I do not give meaning to the symbols in my art as it is meaning that separates experience from expression. The alphabet that I use points to the notion of a sacred language beyond meaning. Some of the works call to mind the experience of seeing an illuminated text in a foreign language and religion. In recent work, I combine the icons of perfection (the Jewel Net) with the secret language, and images of chaos. Chaos in my art is the entropy of the units of spectrally arranged squares using a system of “planned randomness”, allowing every spectral unit to fall apart in a variety of ways — squares falling off of a corner or the spectral unit exploding from the center, etc. The three elements used in my work, Chaos, Order and Secret Writing, are non-literal representations of the sacred
–Allyson Grey


Infinite connectivity and reflectivity is at the heart of Allyson Grey’s psychedelically informed artwork. She relates the sacred loom-matrix to the Net of Indra, a Hindu symbol expressing the concept of a condition where every entity in the universe connects with and has knowledge of every other: infinite noesis.
Secret Writing symbolizes, for Grey, “all communication and creativity — the unutterable truth beyond language that is pointed to by sacred text.” The spectral squares, painted with on two-dimensional surfaces, achieve an extra-dimensionality with the complex shadings of the color spectra, and the pulsing, glowing effect caused by their juxtaposition, an effect that emerges clearly under conditions of extended perception.
The technique creates the combined effect of three-dimensionality, and fractal dimensionality—two different means for introducing depth: the z axis and the fractal dimension. Grey’s spectral squares are explicitly fractal in structure. The Jewel Net of Indra is a mandala displaying the fracticality that is a hallmark of much psychedelically informed artwork.


Allyson Grey


Intending to create spiritual art, I feel naturally attracted to abstraction and to a written sacred language. Every known religion reveres its holy writing. Sacred writing of all faiths, however, come into conflict through human interpretation as the written word defines the differences of philosophy and traditions, when truly the basis of all religion is unity and infinite love. –Allyson Grey


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  1. Before now I had done acid like twice before but it wasn’t up to any expectations. (I may eat my words later as my boyfriend puts it) but anyways I did an 8th of shrooms for the first time a couple days ago and the visuals were so intense I was just in so much awe. Wide eyes and mystified. I saw these symbols everywhere this kind of language this form of sacred writing. It was unexplainably incredible. It wasn’t until later did my boyfriend show me your work as I aimlessly tried to explain my visuals. It was these writing except so much more detail. Everywhere. On everything. In everything. Connecting everything. The most amazing experience of knowledge of my life.

    • Jenny
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  2. Hello Alysson,
    I was wondering if the 5th slide at the top has a painting from a live showing you and Alex did in Denver a couple years ago. I was there and remember you painting some kinda of similar vision.



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