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Calling All Xenolinguists

Glide glyphs for lilyMind, the reception of psychedelic knowledge.

The research into psychedelics and language continues under the sponsorship of The Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas. This knowledge is verifiable. The growing number of xenolinguists whose stories are told here, reflect, for all their diversity, each other’s perceptions and ideas about psychedelic language, repeating certain forms and themes. One need not take anyone’s word here for what was seen and thought and produced about language in psychedelic states. The territory can be explored personally by repeating the basic psychonautic experiment:

  • ingest substance
  • report fully
  • interpret from your standpoint
  • share the knowledge with your peers—the psychedelic community

Dr. Slattery, Professor of Xenolinguistics at the Institute, takes the stand of a cognitive libertarian and a conscientious objector in the War on Drugs. The Psychedelics & Language website is offered as a forum for communication.

The Institute would appreciate hearing your story, seeing your pictures, and sharing experiences.

Calling All Xenolinguists

If you have a story about strange language encountered in altered states, submit it here.


2 Responses to “Calling All Xenolinguists”

  1. love your work thankyou …id love to talk to you sometime…. i live in nevada city california … perhaps we could speak on the phone or email if not in person …but my mission is to examine visual language and provide a canvas for our inner landscapes …. im an avaid terrence mckenna examiner and have logged hundreds or hours .these days im breaking down the way in wich he dilivered it so i was overjoyed to come across your dechipherings

    • i’m catching up on the website as I took a break of several months. I go to nevada city often, relatively, asmy friend, Andy Behling is there. is this the best email to contact you? thanks for the good word. I’ll check out your website.


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