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Institute Appoints Slattery to McKenna Chair of Xenolinguistics


The Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas is pleased to announce the appointment of Diana Slattery to the McKenna Chair of Xenolinguistics.  Dr. Slattery brings her years of experience in multidimensional interspecies communication to the position. She is uniquely suited to the furthering of the Institute’s mission, having amassed an impressive resume of outrageous acts and through her contributions as a member of the Task Force to Define the Nature of the Outrageous.

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Aspects of Alien Art 1

Xenolinguistics: the scientific study of languages of non-human intelligences. Publications in this field tend to be speculative as few people have made the claim to have understood an alien language, at least not reliably.

Hallucinations as Alien Art

The key to this discussion is a conceit of the extraordinary vision-producing ability unleashed in consciousness by psychedelics, as alien art: aesthetic productions of an unknown, hence alien, source. Whether the alien is an unknown (normally unconscious) aspect of the Self, an Other,

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