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Xenolinguistics Report I: Leith Aitchison

This report of linguistic phenomena in altered states comes from Leith Aitchison, down under. I connected with Leith at The Esalen McKenna workshop recently put on by Lorenzo Hagerty and Bruce Damer. Thanks, Leith.

I am…a twelve year old boy living in a picturesque lakeside town in the south island of New Zealand, I have just come back from an 18 month journey with my mum and two sisters around Sri …

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The Psilocybin Solution, a review

The Psilocybin Solution, by Simon G. Powell

In my zone of research, psychedelics and language, Simon Powell is a card-carrying member of the Guild of Xenolinguists. Xenolinguistics is the study of alien languages. I use the term to designate a class of psychedelic experience which involves visions of novel symbolic systems, novel ideas about language, and communication with the high strangeness of the Other.

Simon Powell

Powell’s work, …

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Aspects of Alien Art II

In my usage, Xenolinguistics is the study of language and linguistic phenomena in the psychedelic sphere. Xenolinguistics gives a word to this effort to create a first assemblage of local knowledges, gathered from first person reports, as from the logbooks of early navigators, about these phenomena. The local knowledges I am interested in are those of the xenolinguists, where the focus, fascination, and subsequent interpretations circle around language—different capacities of language from what we call “natural” language. Xenolinguistics reveals forms …

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Aspects of Alien Art 1

Xenolinguistics: the scientific study of languages of non-human intelligences. Publications in this field tend to be speculative as few people have made the claim to have understood an alien language, at least not reliably.

Hallucinations as Alien Art

The key to this discussion is a conceit of the extraordinary vision-producing ability unleashed in consciousness by psychedelics, as alien art: aesthetic productions of an unknown, hence alien, source. Whether the alien is an unknown (normally unconscious) aspect of the Self, an Other,

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