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Xenolinguistics Report I: Leith Aitchison

This report of linguistic phenomena in altered states comes from Leith Aitchison, down under. I connected with Leith at The Esalen McKenna workshop recently put on by Lorenzo Hagerty and Bruce Damer. Thanks, Leith.

I am…a twelve year old boy living in a picturesque lakeside town in the south island of New Zealand, I have just come back from an 18 month journey with my mum and two sisters around Sri …

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Translinguistic Intensive–Back to the Classroom

Yes, it’s a trip report!
Intention to go deeper than ever before with dose increase. Intention to smooth out some of the rough-going of the last year. Family illness, caregiving matters.

NorCal, small cabin in deep redwoods. Isolation, but with someone quietly in and out, providing as needed. This is unusual for me, mostly I’m solo. But trying a higher dose, I wanted to be able to let go of the “perimeter concerns” and see what new freedom that might bring. Setting …

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Glide Oracle iPad app

Glide Oracle for iPad Released!
$.99 in Apple App Store.

The icon for the Glide Oracle app is the glyph for the lily, the source of psychedelic knowledge.

One of the 729 translations in the Glide Oracle

The Glide Oracle is an oracle whose roots are in the tradition of the I Ching, …

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Institute Picks Finalists for April Outrageousness Award

The Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas has selected the project, “The World’s Largest Rube Goldberg Machine,” as a finalist in the “Gives Hope for the Survival of the Human Race” category. According to the World Records Academy,

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Women’s Visionary Congress 2012

The sixth annual Women’s Visionary Congress takes place July 27 – July 29, 2012 at the IONS Earthrise Retreat Center  in Petaluma, California.

The WVC is an annual gathering of visionary women healers, scholars, botanists, activists and artists who study consciousness and altered states. The event also features presentations by our male allies. Visionaries of all genders are welcome. Speakers at the 2012

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The Psychedelics & Language Website Launch

The Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas is delighted to announce the launch of the Psychedelics & Language website. Created by Dr. Diana Slattery of the Department of Xenolinguistics, the website provides extensive information about the bizarre linguistic phenomena—alien scripts, morphing symbolic systems, glyphs of living language crawling on every surface of a multidimensional world—encountered in altered states of consciousness.

These new forms of language glimpsed in the psychedelic sphere, and the equally …

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Institute Finds Hope for Human Race

The Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas has selected “The World’s Largest Rube Goldberg Machine” as a finalist in the category “Provides Hope for the Survival of the Human Race” category. The committee was not surprised to find that the engineers in question occupied a laboratory at Purdue, right down the hall from Dr. David E. Nichols, who is thought to have offered critical assistance to the team in their initial envisioning of the project.

According to the …

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The Psilocybin Solution, a review

The Psilocybin Solution, by Simon G. Powell

In my zone of research, psychedelics and language, Simon Powell is a card-carrying member of the Guild of Xenolinguists. Xenolinguistics is the study of alien languages. I use the term to designate a class of psychedelic experience which involves visions of novel symbolic systems, novel ideas about language, and communication with the high strangeness of the Other.

Simon Powell

Powell’s work, …

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Psychedelics: My Problem Discourse

Psychedelics: the discourse of the unmentionable by the disreputable about the unspeakable. ((Here’s what was going down around The Jane Russell movie: “And that is the outfit she would wear throughout the movie. It was constantly falling down and barely containing her cleavage. Ms Russell was indeed a knockout. The censors felt the movie showed too much and refused to allow Hughes to release …

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Noetic License

John Conway with Horned Sphere.

In a scholarly article, I am permitted to quote another author. The visual cue of quotation marks, or, with a longer quote, an indented block of text, or the italics and right-justification of an epigram mark the change in identity. But what if the same author (could be me) makes an argument in several interwoven voices, …

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Aspects of Alien Art II

In my usage, Xenolinguistics is the study of language and linguistic phenomena in the psychedelic sphere. Xenolinguistics gives a word to this effort to create a first assemblage of local knowledges, gathered from first person reports, as from the logbooks of early navigators, about these phenomena. The local knowledges I am interested in are those of the xenolinguists, where the focus, fascination, and subsequent interpretations circle around language—different capacities of language from what we call “natural” language. Xenolinguistics reveals forms …

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Aspects of Alien Art 1

Xenolinguistics: the scientific study of languages of non-human intelligences. Publications in this field tend to be speculative as few people have made the claim to have understood an alien language, at least not reliably.

Hallucinations as Alien Art

The key to this discussion is a conceit of the extraordinary vision-producing ability unleashed in consciousness by psychedelics, as alien art: aesthetic productions of an unknown, hence alien, source. Whether the alien is an unknown (normally unconscious) aspect of the Self, an Other,

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