Glide Oracle iPad app


Glide Oracle for iPad Released!
$.99 in Apple App Store.

The icon for the Glide Oracle app is the glyph for the lily, the source of psychedelic knowledge.

One of the 729 translations in the Glide Oracle

The Glide Oracle is an oracle whose roots are in the tradition of the I Ching, and whose symbols announced themselves as an alien language called Glide, transmitted in an altered state of consciousness. Glide symbols dynamically transform under the touch of the user, and deliver a translation. These 729 translations of Glide hexagrams were completed by Dr. Diana Slattery of the Dept. of Xenolinguistics at the Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas.


The 27 Glide glyphs morphing.


Slattery speculates that language and consciousness are co-evolving in the human species, catalyzed in the culture by psychedelic experience, an idea addressed by psychedelic philosopher Terence McKenna. She sees the morphing Glide glyphs as a model of a new way of making meaning that can potentially rewire the brain with a bias toward perception of transforming rather than static statics, increasing the fluidity and flexibility of thought forms. The Glide Oracle was programmed by Mark Buchanan of Optical Alchemy.


I Ching and Glide hexagrams, transforming.

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  1. This looks very interesting. I do like the yin-yang patterns made as the lines transform. Can it be ported to the iPhone? I don’t have an iPad.

    • Kim
    • Reply
  2. PS: Another point of connection: given your McKenna section here we might have fun talking a bit about the current work I’m doing with Dennis in support of the coming release of: The new site we’re building will include “things we love” links section and this wonderous (ponderous? 😉 app of yours has my vote for props there!

    • and I’m in the middle of writing a review of BSA for Reality Sandwich. What a book!

  3. *standing ovation for the creativity, vision, and implementation!*

    Dear developer(s),

    Are these forums the right venue to share a deeper conversation with you regarding this creation or would a private interview be preferred? I think there’s a great article and audio interview in this, if you feel so inclined, and I’d be honored to hear back from you to arrange and conduct one with you about your work and ideas.

    Thanks and best,

    PS: Skype ID: davidgaian

    • happy to discuss anything here. happy to be interviewed.

    • What kind of interview did you have in mind?


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