Institute Finds Hope for Human Race


The Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas has selected “The World’s Largest Rube Goldberg Machine” as a finalist in the category “Provides Hope for the Survival of the Human Race” category. The committee was not surprised to find that the engineers in question occupied a laboratory at Purdue, right down the hall from Dr. David E. Nichols, who is thought to have offered critical assistance to the team in their initial envisioning of the project.

According to the World Records Society,

“The team spent more than 5,000 hours constructing the machine that accomplished every task ever assigned in the competition’s 25-year history, including peeling an apple, juicing an orange, toasting bread, making a hamburger, changing a light bulb, loading a CD and sharpening a pencil.

Packing so many steps into one machine required inventing a novel platform that consisted of two rotating paddlewheels that revealed new sets of modules to chronologically accomplish a quarter century worth of tasks.

The final task was punctuated with a deafening blast from a genuine antique train whistle on loan from a museum.”
And here is another contender.

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