Timewave Zero, the Novelty Principle, and 2012

Timewave Zero, the symbolic system initially downloaded in the Experiment at La Chorrera, was McKenna’s master myth. The software instantiating the theory of novelty and the fracticality of time were developed by Peter Meyer and refined over the stretch of time between La Chorrera in 1971 and 1998.1

Timewave Zero.

To know the shape of time, is, for Terence McKenna, to know the shape of human history, “the fractal mountain,” the creodes of fluctuating novelty andhabit, fractally arrayed, that give to history its uneven texture of high drama and innovation interwoven with long stretches of conservative repetitions. To know the math generating the Timewave is to map the path of time into the future, a class of time travel, and a form of divination.
Time is differently perceived, no longer smooth, no longer an infinite linear extension of evenly spaced intervals devoid of content as Newtonian space could be conceived as empty container, similarly void. Timewave Zero time perhaps follows the Einsteinian analogy McKenna makes for space—uneven due to the presence of masses of uneven dimension whose gravitational fields bend space.

I Ching structures.

The Eschaton has a date: December 21, 2012. Peter Meyer (and others, including Dennis McKenna) have pointed out that the 2012 endpoint date is wholly dependent on two variable factors. First, its calculation depends on fixing a date earlier in the Timewave representing a high level of novelty in human history. McKenna’s choice was the explosion of the atom bomb at Hiroshima. Mapping that date to correspond with a low point (high novelty) in the Timewave slides the endpoint date to November, 2012. Second, the choice of which of the tables of 384 values (calculations from the I Ching sequence that determine the data points from which the Timewave can be drawn; several were developed) changes the outcome of the endpoint, as well as the overall shape of the wave. These variant tables are built into Meyer’s most recent version of the software.
The fixing of the date thereby depends on a number of interpretive choices made both by the software developers and the users of the systems. Evaluating events in human history as to their degree of novelty is clearly a highly personal process that will never submit to scientific certainty. The symbolic system of Timewave Zero is similar to the I Ching in this fashion: on the one hand, it has a mathematical structure; on the other hand, it is qualitative and textual. Bringing together these two aspects, to give a full reading of the situation and its changes in a divinatory context, is the art of divinatory interpretation. From my viewpoint, Timewave Zero should be viewed as an interpretive, divinatory tool for mapping the microcosm of one’s own viewpoint in human history to the macrocosm of the fabric of human history. Timewave Zero emanates from a prophetic, not a predictive universe of discourse.

The wavelike formation of the King Wen sequence is depicted by I Ching scholar Al Huang as a semantic wave of meaning in the King Wen progression of hexagrams.2

Master Al Huang's I Ching as a semantic wave.

The Glide symbolic system and Timewave Zero correlate at many points.

Correlations between Glide and Timewave Zero.


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  1. Informative. Thanks!! +_+

  2. It’s a popular misconception that the date of the Eschaton, or the zero date in the theory, is fixed at December 21, 2012. The TWZ theory does not imply any particular date as the date when the timewave reaches zero. Terence adopted the (usually accepted) date of the end of the 13th baktun in the Maya Calendar, December 21, 2012. Another date is possible, which is why the software allows you to set the zero date. The set of 384 numbers used as the basis for generating the timewave determines how the wave looks, but the end date does not depend upon the choice of a number set.

    • Yes, I cover that pretty fully in the book on Xenolinguistics. IMHO, there’s a lot more to TWO than the mathematics.

  3. how may one get this software and thoroughly change one’s reality? In the zero point. Love always, Tiffany Sanae Onestar

    • check online. i’m pretty sure Timewave Zero is available somewhere.


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