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Simon Powell: The Fantastic Hypothesis

Simon Powell

Here we begin to understand what the shamanic visionary experience is like, that it consists essentially of a communication transmitted in the higher language expressed by the Other, a language of symbols embodied in animated imagery. –Simon Powell



My bold claim is that an organized source of intelligence and wisdom is indeed accessed through the mushroom. Whether this source issues from some non-personal Unconscious, that is, deep within the psyche lie vast realms of highly organized fields of information that are ‘released’ into personal consciousness during the psychedelic state, or whether this information arises from a communicating sentient presence—the numinous Other as we can call it—is open to question, although both suggestions might be linked in some way. For the time being, whatever we suspect that it is that underlies the visionary state, we can see that the psilocybin experience reveals itself as a compelling area of study since consciousness and perceived reality, the very ground of our lives, have the potential to exfoliate like some new exotic flower.
Our everyday awareness is seen to be constrained and bounded, as if we were sub-routine prisoners in some vast computation that surges ever onward. Psilocybin temporarily dissolves these constraint, conferring upon the experiencer an increased set of degrees of cognitive freedom, facilitating new directions of though that are not normally available. The inner world becomes subject to pictographic myth, whilst the outer world reveals itself as the living structure of some divine being, even the most mundane objects suddenly acquiring a holy aura. This is the latent promise of the mushroom; to reveal psychological realms that can enrich our collective existence as living, breathing hominid creatures bound up within the Gaian system.


5 Responses to “Simon Powell: The Fantastic Hypothesis”

  1. Hola Simon
    After years of doing my own “research” i finally read your book.I’m with you on this,and i truly appreciate how you were able to put things into words,a difficulty i am slowly overcoming.Anyhow,just to let you know……..i get it.
    Thank you

    • john snyder
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  2. Well said Simon.
    I enjoyed your film Metanoia.
    It would be instructive if you and Jan Irvin (gnosticmedia) could agree to have a grown up conversation that might accrue to our collective mutual advantage, since you are both endowed with extraordinary inquiring minds and an impressive capacity for communicating hitherto unexplored possibilities…

    • David Llewellyn Foster
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    • David – I am afraid I want nothing to do with Irvin – he is suffering from paranoid delusions. I mean, he writes to the CIA FOIA to see if McKenna was an agent? Come on man! That is nuts. His notions about Huxley and Darwin and Alan Watts is all nuts. Really. And that recent reply he got from them – if you go to the CIA’s main website and you click on the FOIA link, you will see that Irvin received a stock standard reply. I don’t want to talk to him or about him again. If you ask me again, you will be soundly spanked.

      • Thanks for responding Simon.
        Fair enough! I’m not into spanking but I’ve followed gnosticmedia since its early inception and have a digital copy of all the early interviews, many of which are extremely valuable ~ it is a great archive. As for Jan’s predilections, I’m not about to pass judgement, nor be an advocate, all I will say is he is often ahead of the game. I have had several disagreements with him about his latest investigations. Time will tell, it’ll all come out in the wash…eventually.
        You may be interested in a U of Wales conference next year in Bath www.esswe.org/#agenda/cfp-celestial-magic-eleventh-annual-sophia-centre-conference.html
        I am proposing to present a paper on Aleister Crowley’s work with the Thirty Aethyrs. The deadline for submissions is December 31st.
        Your “ecodelic” (Doyle) ideas are profoundly resonant.

        • David Llewellyn Foster
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  3. I love what you say “sub-routine prisoners” and “pyctographic myth”. I felted that many times. At the same time it seems that we meet in this sub-routine, while meetings in expanded universe seem to be more ambiguous at this point in our development? I wonder how we can learn how to tune ourselves to different frequences, have a map and meet there, the way we meet here, in the sub-routine. At least to have a common frame of reference?

    • Luba
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