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With the release of the Glide Oracle to the public as an iPad app, we hope to enlist the assistance of language geeks internationally in tackling the translation of the core glyphs from a new perspective, which would, of course, result in an entirely different set of oracular translations. The Department of Xenolinguistics would also like to hear about any similar experiences you have had of linguistic phenomena in the psychedelic sphere. You can contact us through the Contact item on the main menu, above.

The Department of Xenolinguistics at the Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas is initiating a broad-based program to further our work with the Glide symbolic system. The Glide Oracle emerged from a long-term research project in the Department of Xenolinguistics at the Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas. The 27 glyphs of the Glide symbolic system, below, were discovered, innocently enough, in a science fiction novel, The Maze Game.


Glide studies began with the examination of the glyphs as an exercise for advanced xenolinguists in distinguishing between purely decorative signs devised by an artist for artistic purposes and a true linguistic phenomenon involving contact with the Other in some form. When our doctoral students insisted that these were indeed the glyphs of a linguistic system, the famously reclusive author, Dr. D. Slattery, was contacted for clarification. Her story of the source of the glyphs has rocked the world of academic xenolinguistics. (It’s not a very crowded field, so little harm was done.)
Dr. Slattery claims that the glyphs were downloaded directly into her psyche during an altered state of consciousness as an artifact of an alien civilization. She performed a series of secret experiments over a ten-year period, ingesting a variety of psychoactive compounds to, as she puts it, “firm up the interface between my own human and the alien mode of thought.”



Alien Downloads Require New Research Protocols

Dr. Slattery’s suggestion to the Dept. of Xenolinguistics was that we try to verify or falsify her results, using the same experimental protocols: 1) ingest a psychoactive material; 2) study the glyphs while in the altered state; 3) report findings. This method resulted in a vast collection of new data about Glide language, Glide civilization, and Glide concerns.
The project scored well on the outrageousness index. A small team of exceptionally discreet xenolinguists took up the task.


Classic Slattery translation of the 27 Glide glyphs

Dynamic 2-dimensional Glide: 27 Glyphs morphing.

Dynamic 3-dimensional LiveGlide.


S.E.T.I. Backlash

Of course, what Dr. Slattery found was replicated, in so far as anything as overwhelmingly complex as a psychedelic experience could be considered “replicated.” Who could judge? But this was only one of the methodological issues faced by the Glide Task Force (GTF). Led by Dr. Jack Reno, Institute President, the team encountered exceptional challenges. To say, publically, that they are in close and frequent communications with aliens who, for reasons as yet unclear, were intent on seeding the Glide (and other) languages on Planet Earth, risks the rolled eyes of generations of S.E.T.I. Listeners. Like any Messianic Cult, S.E.T.I. lives in devoted anticipation of an event, in their case, an event they call Actual Contact. They do not look kindly on anyone reporting Actual Contact, even from within their own ranks, as that would end the state of longing-for-Contact that is the heart of their motivation. The S.E.T.I. Listeners think especially dimly of reports of Contact that do not occur using their S.E.T.I. protocol, the sifting of signal from noise from radio telescopes.
But S.E.T.I. has been the least of our challenges. Much more pertinent is the explosion of new, and often contradictory findings about the language itself. The issue of the translation of glyphs whose meanings are fluid due to their tendency to morph, their positional changes (they can be read in any direction), and their placement in a maze composition multiply the essentially polysemic qualities of the symbolic system to the point of chaos, where everything means everything else (and then some). The Glides themselves (in a joint research session with the team) suggested we try using an oracular format for translating a group of 729 glyph-pairs in line with the deeper mathematical connections to the I Ching. The I Ching’s correlative construction, and origins in shamanic, divinatory practices, make it the closest planetside textual/symbolic system to Glide.


13 Responses to “The Glide Oracle”

  1. The information on this site is fascinating! I’m glad I found it again. I would like to get involved as I have been studying xenolinguistics independently, mostly just to entertain myself, haha!

    • Ryan
    • Reply
  2. My brother suggested I might like this website. He was totally
    right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this info!

  3. Hi, I love this concept so much, I would really really love to have this app on my iPhone. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPad… :)

  4. I think Uncle Bob had some thoughts on this subject. Regarding Dr. John Lilly’s “metaprogramming the human bio-computer,” Robert Anton Wilson wrote,
    “What my experiments demonstrate — what all such experiments throughout history have demonstrated — is simply that our models of “reality” are very small and tidy, the universe of experience is huge and untidy, and no model can ever include all the huge untidiness perceived by uncensored consciousness . . . I think, or hope, that my data also demonstrates that neurological model agnosticism — the application of the Copenhagen Interpretation beyond physics to consciousness itself — allows one to escape from certain limits of mechanical emotion and robot mentation that are inescapable as long as one remains within one dogmatic model or one imprinted reality tunnel . . . Personally I also suspect, or guess, or intuit, that the more unconventional of my models here — the ones involving Higher Intelligence, such as the Cabalistic Holy Guardian Angel or the extraterrestrial from Sirius — are necessary working tools at certain stages of the metaprogramming process. That is, whether such entities exist anywhere outside our own imaginations, some areas of brain functioning cannot be accessed without using these “keys” to open the locks. I do not insist on this; it is just my own opinion. Some people seem to get through this area of Chapel Perilous without such personalized “Guides.” I know of one chap who did it by imagining a super-computer in the future that was sending information backwards in time to his brain. More clever people may find even less “metaphysical” metaphors.”

    • It’s the keys and locks aspect that especially interests me.

  5. Creativity and a sense of humor–I love it. I want the app. Please configure for iPhone/iPodTouch soon. (I once invented an oracle combining tiny origami frogs and ravens arranged on a chessboard, and the iChing, based on a serendipitous correspondence between 64 hexagrams and 64 squares on a chessboard. The oracle has yet to be tested in consensus reality.

    • cathie
    • Reply
    • I would live to see your I Ching origami oracle. Do you have any pictures?

  6. “secret experiments over a ten-year period, ingesting a variety of psychoactive compounds to, as she puts it, “firm up the interface between my own human and the alien mode of thought.”

    1. “psychoactive compounds” aren’t psychedelic compounds, this is not only “secret”, it’s unclear as can possibly be. alcohol is a deliriant, so is datura.. very untrustworthy sources of anything useful lol

    2. what is an “alien mode of thought”? secret and unintelligible are two wholly different things. psychedelics teach us to use language responsibly, to provide clarity, not to create a pretentious sounding aura of ‘special knowledge’

    in decades of delving into McKenna’s and Narby’s, work.. oh and Humphrey Osmond’s… I’ve never encountered even a morsel of such silly and painfully desperate an attempt to “have something to say” as this attempt to align thousands-years old globally recognized and respected manuscripts [or tortoise shells] with some person’s little trip where they saw funny symbols which may mean absolutely nothing.

    maybe lay off whatever “psychoactives” are and stay with strictly psychedelics that have been here longer than the I Ching……………… en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deliriant

    or watch this and remember who’s in charge here lol www.youtube.com/watch?v=SInkOigeGno

    • A sense of humor might be of assistance here on this page.

    • aall languages (written / symbolic )started off as divination or scrying tools which developed into syntaxes and grammar logics after generations. a bit more of a sense of humor and a laid back view of such outsider topics in general may be useful to prevent crab-itis. just being crabby and a naysayer does not garner u any cool points i’m afraid to say. relax.

      • zaire
      • Reply
  7. . . . “utterly different ways”, Antonio wrote, as “I suppose” . . .

    he may try instead “an entity who lives in, I suppose, presupposed different ways”

  8. How can a concept of an entity who lives in, I suppose, utterly different ways from us be understood? History has taught us about the many cases in which we had and still have a hard time understanding other human cultures. Language refer also to a reception of the universe or reality in a way; do they share the same senses that we have? Are they affected by flavours, light, pain in the same way we are affected? What do we have in common to make such communication possible?

    • Antonio
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