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Glide downloaded in an altered state in 1997 in the form of 27 alien glyphs—their geometry, logic, how they move and morph into each other to make meaning, and their relationship to the I Ching.


The Bright Trauma

A download experience creates a lasting impression, similar in some ways to PTSD, no less obsessively intruding on the business of daily life, only with a shift in valence, a bright trauma, an ecstatic illumination that centers and focuses attention, mind, and heart.


Detail of Bernini's St. Teresa.


Michael Winkelman describes psychedelic action as psychointegrative. The concrescence of information and knowledge systems that the McKennas experienced in the Experiment at La Chorrera (the E@LC) resulted in the symbolic system Timewave Zero. The experience of this cognitive ecstasy as a radioactive core energizing a lifelong obsessive pursuit of its exegesis, is a testament to the power of psychointegration. The experience it/self becomes a lens (one of the McKenna’s totality symbols) through which the universe can henceforth be viewed and understood.


Blue jewel offering, LiveGlide image, Diana Slattery.


The relationship with the Other was opened and cemented, “the Logos speaks and we are its tools and its voice,” through repeated psychedelic experience in the unpacking of the Glide download. From the first session, the presence and the voice of the Other was heard and felt, permeating my own sense of self, but utterly distinct. A dialogue began that has gone on for 11 years, across a variety of states of mind.

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