Glide: The Name

Contact experience is the heart of Xenolinguistics; the alien Other finds symbolic means—language—to transmit its message from the hyperdimensional realm (or whatever you care to call the psychedelic sphere) into baseline reality.


The Other uses whatever means are at hand in the psyche and experience of the downloadee, to patchwork a message. The name Glide it/self, given in the original download, is just such a patchwork of ideas and references, later unpacked. Glide, in my associations, referred to 1) John Conway’s “Gliders,” emergent computational creatures arising from his software, “The Game of Life” that seem to behave like semi-autonomous forms, alive in some fashion in the computational world of cellular automata 2) the gliding movements of Noh theatre actors, where the costumes can seemed filled, not with a body, but with a weightless spirit; 3) the movement of the long-legged fly of W. B. Yeat’s poem, and 4) the hip-hop dance moves–floats, glides, and moonwalks.


“Gliders” animation, John Conway’s evolutionary algorithm, “The Game of Life.”
Noh theatre actor, “gliding.”
Water spiders, “Like a long-legged fly upon the stream/Her mind moves on silence” –W.B. Yeats.
Dance moves: floats, glides, moonwalk.
Live Glide, “Centerheart,” Diana Slattery. Glyphs morphing in 3D.


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