Jack Cross: The Argot of Ergot

When Jack Cross reads the English language, it is a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory activity. Meaning explodes into visual and aural puns, word-play, sacred geometry, and the revelation of the Logos. His essay, The Argot of Ergot, is presented in full below.


The Argot of Ergot

Argot is “a specialized idiomatic vocabulary peculiar to a particular underworld group, devised for private communication and identification,” translation, argot is the secret language of criminals. Ergot refers to the fungi Claviceps purpurea which develops on grains, mainly rye plants, and contains the alkaloids of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, ergo, The Argot of Ergot is
The Secret Language of LSD.

Rewindto the Los Angeles Zen Center, circa 1991-92. Elvis was leaving the building when I overheard a Zen priest telling a small group of students about his “first spiritual experience,” his first “peek under the circus tent,” as he called it, that “in the Summer of Love he had taken his first LSD trip,” “which is why,” he went on to explain, “I decided to study Zen.” And in the context of that era, that would have made perfect sense, beautiful sense, growing up in the 50’s with the Beat poets and Buddhism and at just the precise moment when our modern materialistic Western culture first touched a Shamanic substance en mass. But as I slowly walked by this conversation, I did not create the personal or cultural context for his spiritual evolution, nor did I factor in the illegality of the substance which facilitated his first spiritual experience. I simply walked by and said to myself, “Why wouldn’t you study LSD?” I went on with the normal course of my life, for about a week.

A few days later I was at the Southwest Museum Library in the Mt. Washington area of Los Angeles looking through the “C’s” of their card file when I came upon the inexplicable title of “The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross” by John M. Allegro. The title was strange enough, but the subtitle of the book was “A Study of the Nature and Origins of Christianity within the Fertility Cults of the Ancient Near East.” A loose thread was dangling from the warp and weft of my reality. I pulled the card out and took it to the librarian.

The Southwest Museum Library is a reference library and so I discovered that I couldn’t check the book out, which I took personally, so I politely asked if I could see the book, and I sat down and read the back cover, and the inside jacket, the Foreword, the first chapter and the second and the third with something between intense excitement and horror. I was of course incapable of comprehending Allegro’s philological notes, but the premise of the book was earth shattering to my Christian bumper sticker world. The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross was my Wizard of Oz in Zardoz, my Number 23.

The next day I went to my local bookstore and discovered that the book was out of print and unavailable and the clerk said that he thought that it might have been a “banned book.” Even better! I asked for a phone book and found a used book seller in Westwood called Needham Book Finders and a Mr. Needham, I presumed, said that he would look for it and give me a call back. A few days later he called, “Eighty bucks, in perfect condition.” Ten times the original jacket price. What a bargain! I wish now that I had been in the habit of keeping receipts.

I devoured the book. The circus tent, the parasol of Paradise was taking form. Unfortunately for me at thirty three, I didn’t know of anyone who grew mushrooms, in fact, I didn’t know of anyone who even smoked cigarettes, so I just told the story to everyone who would listen, and to a few who wouldn’t, to see if anyone had ever heard of such an idea, that Sacraments were once actually something, maybe a mushroom, a plant, a substance, a class of drugs called hallucinogens that altered your consciousness and allowed you to commune with God, IT MADE YOU JESUS, not the person of, but the Christ. I think back now at how incredibly sweet I was, and intuitive and self-directed, to move out of my innocence, out of my ignorance, even at the risk of what we euphemistically call liberty, into the glorious life of a spiritual criminal.

Nine months went by and I spent this gestation alienating everyone I knew with my enthusiasm for psychedelics and ethnobotany, but not a single person I talked to in those nine months had ever heard of Amanita Muscaria, let alone The Sacred Mushroom and The Cross, when in walks a musician who knew somebody, JACKPOT!

On a Saturday night, in an artist loft in downtown Los Angeles, I chewed the bitter caps and stems of 5 grams of Stropharia cubensis, and patiently sat, waiting for whatever it was that was coming for me, elf or alien, but neither did, what did, was a SUPERNOVA BUTTERFLY made of Liquid Language and Light, and I knew it better than English, better than what I knew as life. I was ALL and NOTHING, a Mandelbrot Buddha laughing in a saffron and jackfruit sky, a Risen Ringmaster in a blazing red jacket throwing a private hierophantic fit. MY circus tent was Enlighten-t-ment, expressed as Geometry and Archetype and Alphabet, a SYMBOLIC Death AND Resurrection, as advertised, by a-ST-onishment!

Fast forward through innumerable Journeys to the last scene of The Lawnmower Man and pick up the phoneme and listen. The First Law of Man forbade the consumption of a plant, a plant that altered consciousness when eaten, a plant that made you AS GOD IS. Contrary to the popular cosmogny, the prohibition of a mind altering plant marks The Beginning of linear time, its consumption transcends it. Its collective prohibition was The Fall of Man, our separation from The Divine Feminine.

As a Metaphysician of Ergot,   as -son and arson of The JA Morpheme, as a Poet-Healer and Geometrician, I humbly draw your attention to the TiPs of my tongue as they untie and unite to focus your full attention on just one PoinT that begins with a ‘P’ and ends with a ‘T.’ Our P-a-T-h[E]ology is me-T-a-P-hysical and etymological and can only be healed by a PracTitioner of Concealment and Revelation and Sacrifice. This is Gods Geometry, The Logos, which to speak for, requires PrivaTe and in-T-IM-ate Knowledge of the ‘P’ and the ‘T’ of PoeT and ProPheT and PieTy.

Criminals abound, Saviors, like nocturnal thieves, guard themselves with parables and argot …and jargon, like Journey, begins with a ‘J.’

A theory without sufficient evidence is con-j-ecture, and what theory could be evidenced more insufficiently than proofs of the existence of the theo- in theory, a combining form meaning “god.” The Mind is a con-ST-ruct of sub- and ob-ject-tivity where the only means of escape is by con-j-URING up the ‘J’ in the ‘T’ of –ject itself, from the Latin, jacere, meaning to throw. The ‘J’ is an A-Xis P-ole, eX-Tra-pole-ated to eXisT inside The C-ONE of The ‘A’-nkh of Consciousness, the pineal, and the –cere of JA[h]-cere and sin-cere means pure, and no one comes to the P-A-T-er but by the first two letters of measure, and the least of one of these.

The ‘T’ of –j-ec-t and incandescen-t, is made of ligh-t eMAN-t-ing from inside your pineal gland, as “you,” the ‘I’ in the ‘A’ of I AM, s-quin-t, ad-v-er-t-en-t-ly, organizing s-P-A-T-i-AL relationships with the configuration of a cross, an oP-T-ical illusion, u-P-on, which you SYMBOLCALLY h-ang, CRUCI-FI-ed, T-rans-FI-gured, from o-P-aque chatteled flesh in the possession of a scheduled sub-ST-ance to a Radian-t BE-i-NG of Ligh-t located beyond the pla[j]iarius j-urisdictions of a fictitious entity, who by Amen-dment to its Con-ST-itution is utterly unqualified to define Religion and un-Author-ized to interfere with its practice.

Law is the exoskel et al. remains of Logos; j-ustice, j-udge, j-ury, j-urisdiction, ad-j-udication, all bear the mark of The Axis Pole of the ‘J’ of -ject and Jot and Jacob’s ladder. The separation of Church and State is an irrelevant pre-t-ense; BOTH are fictitious entities, shadows of a broken heart and a deluded mind pro-ject-ed onto the concaved wall of human History. Law insists on its own stability over Right and ad-ministers equal injustice founded upon precedent, upon that which came before, which makes relevant its first Judicial Act, recorded by scribe and stenographer as The Banishment of two juveniles for JA-y walking in a garden where attorneys and tourniquets first twisted innocence and sanity into sin and madness, and established that the etymological origins of the word perpetrator descends from Father.

Buried deep beneath the Temple Floor, in the center of the posterior forebrain, is the small glandular cavity of the Pineal, the cry-PT of cryptic and P-en-AL Codes. Here you will find The Shepherd’s Crook, The ‘J’ in our JAnkh DNA, and The CarPenTer’s Square, the ‘L,’ and His Compass, The EYE and ‘A’ of God, me-A-sur-iNG the re-LA-T-ionship of AL-L things, expressed Geometrically as P-LA-ne Cartesian coordinates and designated “X” and ‘Y,’ yin and yang, the du-AL aspects of The Circle, inside and outside, ‘I’ and ‘O,’ and 10 in a dec-IM-AL system is The Completion of a Cycle, expressed soc-io-politically as a revolution and personally as RE-Ve-LA-T-ion.

The ‘L’ of P-LA-n-T, The Carpenter’s Square, is derived from hALf of a cross, the L-ineAr expression of The Circle or a poin-t of L-igh-t con-V-er-t-ed into the configuration of a cross when you squin-t. The letter ‘A,’ The Compass, in picto-grammar, is the PineAL GLAnd and Cross and Cour-t are quadran-t sys-t-ems, wherein we are tri-ed like a Thi-rd Ordinate and sub-j-ugated in the ‘J’ of J-ustice, and the UL-T-i-mate Criminal is the Archetypal Rebel, the re-b-EL, The Re-BE-GOD, The S-JA-MAN, the P-reacher and T-eacher, the in-t-er-med-iary between the na-T-ural and su-P-ernatural worlds, in-t-er-JA-c-en-t, be-t-ween ordinates and The Extraordinary.

A “squint” in a church wall is a small O-PEN-ing giving an ob-server an ob-lique view of the AL-T-ar, squintessentially, architectural argot. A squint is also called a Hagioscope, spelled with a “G” but pronounced with a ‘J,’ like logic and magic. “Hagio” is a combining form from Greek where it means “Saint,” “Holy,” “Sacred,” and “-scope” is a combining form meaning “to look at.” The Old Hag we’re looking at through the s-quin-t in-s-ide The Holy Double “yoU” in W-ALL and W-oman is The Androgynous God ‘S,’ The S-er-p-en-T, und[j]ulating upon The AL-T-ar of Ob- and the J-ec-T-ification of Consciousness. In the T-o-P-ography of letters, oblique means to slant toward the right and an oblique pro-j-ec-t-ion, is perfec-t-ed to the nth degree, where FOUR is CRUCI- and FI-ve is The SerPENT. In rhe-t-or-ic-al arg-U-men-t, and argot, oblique is in-di-rec-t.

There is no actus reus, no guilty act, and no mens rea, no guilty mind, and therefore no criminal liability in any common law-based criminal law j-urisdiction. A Sacramental Act, that which makes Sacred, is The Right of a free people to individual co-GN-itive liberty and the practice of Religion, THIS IS The Pursuit of Happiness, to link-back to God in Communion within ones own consciousness by the eating of an entheogenic plant, or by any means or molecule necessary. And conversely, it is our collective lack of coGNitive liberty, our collective lack of God Consciousness, of GN-osis, that is being reflected in, embodied, perpetuated and perpetrated by, the bloated corpus of the secular State, who exists in opposition to, by definition, and in the absence of, The Sacred.

What the unrivaled purveyor of violence is protecting its sub-jects from, under the cover of the Rule of LAw, is AuThOrship of The Word, of Christ Consciousness, of a mass Re-T-urn of Illuminated Intelligence, and on the front lines of this inquisitional and pharmacratic war between those with questions and those with none, are the first three letters of death, followed by a suffix and an aspirated breath.,

The Practice of Religion, of Spirituality, trumps all concerns, even if that practice does not include participation in the fraud[j]ul-en-t perpetuation of ignorance marketed generically under the LA-b-EL of Faith Incorporated, or the bait and switch of placebo for Sacrament, or the delusions and collusions of T-em-P-le merchants trading Corner Stones for pieces of silver and the status of the taX eXem-pt. ,

This voice, this awed, this Buddha laughing, this Mind, this God dancing, these angels, this tip of pen, these tears of Serpents lust, this semen ink, this iridescent red, this Alphabet, this comprehend, spinning in it. A cUp, a crUcible, a caUldron, this crUel wine, P-LA-n-T AL-chemy, flesh is wood for fire, without hast and without rest, what two things? Christened, crossed, triple the Two is The Number of Man, Six, and Four, the last Hexagram, Before Completion, three coins to phrase, six in the fifth place, and with this hopeful outlook, always cautions, the Book of Changes, a plant oracle, and The Argot of Ergot come to their close, sublime reminders in a world where The Way has been lost and speaking the Truth has unfavorable consequences, and nothing that would further.

I write in my room at night. . . .I thought, ya know, I’m just going to break all the rules. I’m not sure if I ever knew what they were anyway. If people want to read something normal and understandable, then turn the page, but I’m going to be as strange as I want to be. This is my voice, this is what I say when I journey, this is what I tossed myself over the edge for, repeatedly, as best as I can give it, this is my surrender, other-wise, what’s the Po-in-T?


More articles by Jack Cross at thepolemicsofjack.com



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  1. This is the right website for anyone who really wants
    to understand this topic. You realize so
    much its almost hard to argue with you (not that
    I actually will need to…HaHa). You certainly put
    a brand new spin on a subject that has been written about
    for years. Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

    • Thank you Katrina,

      Please forgive the delayed response. I was just reviewing Psychedelics & Language and The Argot of Ergot and I was thrilled that someone read, and liked, my argot. Appreciate it. Language is a funny thing. You mention that my verse is hard to argue with, and I think of the etymological relationships between ARGUE and AUTHOR and AUTHORITY and AUGMENT and ARGUMENT and what I call my writing, POLEMICS, which is basically, generally, a religious argument, or an increase of understanding generated BY an author, and in my case, VIA a plant. So thank you. You are my first. Nice Kat.

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  3. Allegro wrote about Amanita muscaria, not Amanita Mascara; it contains entirely different chemicals than Psilocybe species and has entirely different effects.

    • clark heinrich
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