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Xenolinguistics Report I: Leith Aitchison


This report of linguistic phenomena in altered states comes from Leith Aitchison, down under. I connected with Leith at The Esalen McKenna workshop recently put on by Lorenzo Hagerty and Bruce Damer. Thanks, Leith.

I am…a twelve year old boy living in a picturesque lakeside town in the south island of New Zealand, I have just come back from an 18 month journey with my mum and two sisters around Sri Lanka, India, Nepal,Thailand,Malaysia and Singapore. I had Looked up at Mt Everest, lived where the Beatles had stayed in Rishikesh and met swami, seen ancient temples and stood on the banks of the Ganges river along with the cremation ceremonies.

Little old Queenstown was pretty boring on return. So one day I took mums car for a spin and ended up being quickly absorbed into the juvenile detention machine

…and then, one day I was given a Brugmansia broth…

I eventually came back from this trip, if one could call it coming back. I had a white line painted in house paint down the middle of my head and had shaved part of my hair, had been arrested and picked up by police trying to use some key card. Later, on another escape from the detention centre i had another broth of brugmansia flowers, in fact made with all the ones i could find on the plant. The experience was life changing and dramatic. From that point on around 12 or 13 years old, all I know, nearly all i have experienced, has been encountered in an altered state.

Altered states or unusual states that I find interesting can be induced in flotation or sensory deprivation tanks and i have used mine many times in conjunction with binaural tones and neuro-bio-feedback apparatus, to alter my perception and awareness.

That I was altering my consciousness and perception was not on the fore front of my mind at the time i started floating in this tank, only now, nearly 20 years later, and still in altered state from this tank, or maybe it is from the psilocin, or DMT from the acacia or brugmansia i had as a child, am i beginning to fully comprehend what using certain brainwaves, entrainment tools and entrainment methods can achieve and how a psychedelic or altered state kind of experience can be used in a beneficial way, used to improve ones self, increase ones potential.

St. Catherine's Monastery, Mt. Horeb

In one of my unusual or altered states, in my minds eye, i was shown some ancient scripts written on parchments or scrolls and later found the real copies of the note pads from 1800s, these notes or copies of these (ancient petroglyphs carved in stone) were originally found by an individual who claimed to have copied certain carvings from walls found on the way to Mt Horeb. Apparently the Mount where Moses received the law, which is a completely different place to Mount Sinai, St Catherines Monastry I have carried copies of those notes around for nearly 20 years now and still i learn about their meaning and origin and importance. They have great historical significance and shed an interesting light on an important question, that being, where did Moses receive the stone tablets or commandments.

Mt. Horeb script

Later in my life, with Lophophora williamsii, I was shown some intricate details relating to vibrational physics, that later lead to invention/design/creation of an idea, securing a patent, registered designs and prototypes born and manifested.

About 15 years ago, another time in an altered state, no known intoxicant directly involved, i saw a great deal of information relating to the geometry of neurotransmitters and receptors, how the synapse functions and what shapes certain drugs that would help depression, anxiety etc would have to be and 10 or so years later SSDI and SSRI are now known to be, i decided to explore this realisation/geometry further and deeper and still am, i very quickly kept coming across the name Shulgin . This man Alexander ‘sasha’ Shulgins’ work has changed my life made me a better person and assisted me to get through and understand some of the biggest problems and questions that mankind has come up against and continues to struggle with…i am now under arrest for obtaing this molecule and my whole life has changed again…the trip continues…is this freedom or control…who owns what and who…what is will…what are my rights…


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  1. I wish to communicate with you about communication with other intelligent matter or frequencies in the universe

    Quantum field integration into the bio-organism using electronic sound orchestrations resulting in quantum consciousness
    Willard Van De Bogart

    The quantum field integrated into the bio-organism suggests that there is a direct link to the bio-organism from energy field’s existing in the universe. The suggestion being referred to in this paper is that fluctuations and perturbations within the quantum field directly influence how the bio-organism’s energy field transposes the quantum field across the entire brain. Recent work in semantic symbology (Forshaw) using electronic sound orchestrations suggest that intentional frequency modulations created by the bio-organism are directly connected to the larger quantum field. Due to the modulation of brain frequencies with composed electronic frequencies a symbol system was derived by encoding sounds originally created by developing cognitive relationships to the quantum field. The results of this encoding indicates semblances of identifiable patterns albeit the patterns do not register any meaningful relationships using known semiotic relationships with languages used by humans. However, if the patterns come about as a result of derived mental constructs based on the principles of the quantum field a relationship of those patterns could indicate an alternative design and association of shapes which would lead to a newer language associated with xenoliguistics. The work developed by Diane Reed Slattery with the Glide project is suggestive of unconscious associations of patterns that could assist in identifying novel patterns that may represent the language constructs residing in the quantum field. The paper will explore how frequency modulations can affect cognitive activity that is associated with a symbol system derived from encoding those frequencies within the quantum field and expressed by interpreting those encoded frequencies in a quantum computer. The findings of the research lends more understanding to anomalous cognition that could be a possible approach to communication with the quantum field using intentional frequency modulations that could exist across time and space and be a an approach to developing an exolanguage.


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